The 'Social and Integration Laboratory' is among the 10 projects that have been awarded financial support by 'engagement-locale' ('local engagement'), an organisation that aims to promote engagement locally and on the ground through the joint promotion of social cohesion and voluntary work. By means of cooperation between civil society, state and economy, 'engagement-locale' offers funding and encouragement support for local associations and solidarity neighbourhood projects in municipalities and cities. The 'Social and Integration Workshop' was able to 'arouse interest and convinced by its local value in a very sensitive area'. 

The 'Social and Integration Laboratory' was granted financial support by the Swiss non-profit society, as it 'can be seen as a pilot project that could also be implemented in other regions'.

The Caring Communities Switzerland network supports and strengthens the development of easily accessible caring communities. Together we strive to improve the quality of life and social cohesion in cities and villages. By giving a financial incentive to the Amélie Association, we strengthen the caring communities movement. It is indeed a very worthwhile project, particularly in its participative character and its intention to involve the many actors present and active in the neighbourhood.

The promotion programme 'ici. together here.' strengthens social cohesion in Switzerland. It strives to achieve solidarity and equal coexistence in the name of diversity. The programme promotes civil society initiatives that are based on respect and equality. Projects are supported that promote exchanges between different people and ensure that everyone can actively participate in social life.

For the first time, Migros Culture Percentage allocates funds on the basis of a voting process open to all. 14 neighbourhood projects, selected by an expert jury from over 60 applications, were put to a public vote at the beginning of the year. Between 9 and 22 January 2023, 8,933 votes were collected from all over Switzerland. The ten most voted projects will now have access to funding of up to CHF 50,000. The actual amount of financial support is based on the budget of the individual projects. "I am really pleased that so many people took the opportunity to vote for the project that is most important to them and thus actively participate in the social commitment of Migros," says Hedy Graber, Head of the Society and Culture Directorate of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives.

  • Pregassona/TI: social and integrative workshop in Pregassona, 'Amélie' Association, CHF 50,000

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