The Amélie Centre

It is a place open to all people, from families with children, young people, senior citizens, asylum seekers and foreigners. Within the spaces, socialisation and integration will be promoted through meetings, activities and exchanges, including group movement and sports activities that will be proposed throughout the year.

The centre consists of:

  • Youth room for children and young people aged 6 to 18, equipped with TV, stereo, PC, PS5 5 and 4 consoles, relaxation area. On the premises provided, you have the opportunity to get to know each other, chat, play, relax, cook, have a snack together and much more. There are weekly appointments with activities and evenings dedicated to young people: cinema, cooking, readings, workshops, non-violent communication, dance, theatre.
  • Il Mondo di Amélie (Amélie's World), a mother-child space for children from 1 to 3 years old aimed at foreign and Swiss women and designed to promote integration. During the mornings, mothers and children will be able to meet with each other or leave the child in a welcoming and child-friendly space. Meetings with professional figures (paediatric infirmary etc.), sewing workshops, music, gymnastics and shared vegetable gardens will be organised for mothers.
  • Workshop space for children, young people, adults, senior citizens with artistic and constructive activities, readings, as well as space for language courses, smartphones, etc.
  • Space for body & mind activities, yoga for senior citizens, activities with foreigners, study help, language courses and integration into daily life, small group meetings, conferences.
  • Play area with table football for children and young people, table tennis table.
  • Kitchen and relaxation area available to centre users. 
  • Conferences, art exhibitions, film forums.
  • Spaces for birthdays and small parties on request.