Courses and activities are not conducted on school holidays and public holidays.

Italian courses

All courses take place from September to June, on an annual basis, once or twice a week depending on the needs of the participants. They are open to all foreigners and people from other cantons. Attendance of the 80% is required for the issuing of the certificate of attendance.

Body & Mind

The course is aimed at all ages. Through some simple motor exercises, stretching and relaxation, multiple benefits will be achieved, starting with mental and physical ones. Stress reduction, increased awareness and self-esteem, increased concentration, strength, tone and flexibility.

Yoga courses for adults

Through yoga postures and breathing exercises we allow ourselves a moment to ourselves, to learn to listen to our body, increase our awareness and make our body and mind softer to find a better overall well-being.

Corsi di informatica e smartphone

Per chi non ha esperienza con il computer e/o smartphone e vuole iniziare ad entrare nel tema. Tratteremo nozioni di base. I corsi sono dedicati a tutti coloro che iniziano ad usare computer, smartphone, tablet e che vogliono utilizzarli in modo autonomo nello svolgimento di semplici attività quotidiane.