A special day with Amélie

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Amélie is a lively and cheerful little girl whose insatiable curiosity leads us to discover the Pregassona neighbourhood, where she lives with her mum, dad and little brother.

Amélie explores the world with enchanted eyes, loves nature and enjoys playing with the friends she meets on her path.

She always has a good word for everyone and her joy and kindness manage to infect everyone. Page after page, encounter after encounter, with her fresh and surprising look she reminds us how important it is to respect the world around us and appreciate even the small joys in life. Together with Amélie we discover the Centre that bears her name, a magical place where people play, have fun and learn new things, where adults and children meet and grow together.

Through the pages of this book you accompany Amélie on a day that she knows how to make special, turning the simple exploration of her surroundings into an exciting adventure. Amélie's world is waiting for you! The proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Amélie Association and will be used to support its projects and activities.

You can buy it in the bookshop, at Casetta Amélie in Pregassona or order it online.

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